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Drive Your Sales

Drive Your Sales has been created to help retailers increase profitability whilst improving the appearance of their store. We have provided key information by category which include confectionery chocolate, confectionery sweets, chewing gum, soft drinks & energy, crisps & snacks, biscuits and cereals.


We have created a range of planograms created by industry experts to optimise your customer's experience within your store. Implementing these plans can improve the store layout and help increase profitability for your business.

Category Advice

We have created category advice for a broad range of product categories which you should stock. These are proven to increase sales and profitability and are based on the latest advice from industry experts.

Top Products

Guarantee profitability by stocking the Top 20 products from Nielsen product category sales. The Top 20 recommended products account for 35% of all impulse sales, so stock these in a prominent place within your customers eyeline.

New Product Releases

See the latest details of supplier new product releases.


We have planograms, top products, category advice and the latest news by category. Keep coming back as more categories with be added soon.

Confectionery Chocolate

The world of Confectionery is worth £4.5bn in the UK. Over 26% of Confectionery is bought on impulse.

Confectionery Sweets

The world of Confectionery is worth £1.5bn in the UK, with sales up 5.2% in the past year.

Chewing Gum

The world of Chewing Gum is worth £213m in the UK. Chewing Gum is a highly impulsive category with 40% of purchases driven by seeing Gum instore.

Soft Drinks

The world of Soft Drinks is worth £6.2bn in the UK. Soft Drinks are the biggest impulse category in impulse shops.

Crisps & Snacks

The world of Crisps & Snacks is worth £3.6bn in the last year. Sharing Price-marked packs are the biggest sector at 57% of total independents & Symbols sales.


The Biscuit market is worth £194m in the UK and is growing 0.9% year on year. Biscuits have the highest market penetration of any snack category at 99.8%.


In the UK breakfast cereals are eaten once or more times a day by close to 14 million people.


The cat and dog food category are worth £189 million in Symbols and Independents.